Today in the city Temple City 16.11.2018
Voters in majority-Latino Dodge City, Kansas, were directed to the wrong solitary polling place

Last week, Dodge City, Kansas — an iconic Wild West town (see: Gunsmoke) of 27,000 that is now 60 percent Latino — made national news because Ford County had moved the city's one polling location outs...

City Council Eliminates Lingering Deficit in School Budget

The Newport City Council has passed a financing plan that brings the 2017-18 year school budget into balance and eliminates a lingering deficit.

LI City's Budget Rejected, Then Enacted Due to Quirk in Law

The budget of a Long Island city was rejected by its city council _ only to be enacted anyway due to a quirk in city law.

Cities are clamoring to offer Amazon tax incentives for HQ2 — that may be a bad idea

Amazon's search for its HQ2 has created a bidding war between cities and states worth millions or even billions. These types of tax incentives have a long history in the U.S., but experts questio...

Gruesome Pompeii discovery: Ancient city reveals grisly secret

Archaeologists in the ancient city of Pompeii have discovered the undisturbed skeletons of a small group of people who took shelter from the devastating eruption of Mount Vesuvius in A.D. 79.

How The IoT Will Reshape The City Experience

What cities will look like tomorrow greatly depends on what urban leaders, planners, businesses—and of course, residents—are looking for today.

Smart Buildings: Forming The Foundation Of Smart Cities

The future belongs to structures with sensor networks that can monitor electricity and water usage in real time, track sustainability performance and interact with other parts of the smart city.

Anatomy Of A Smart City: Four Stars On The Global Stage

It takes smart planning to build a smart city—a seamless synergy of high-tech experts, business visionaries, academics and, above all, forward-thinking civic leaders.

5 Areas Where Smart City Technology Improves Quality Of Life

When city residents measure their quality of life, there’s nothing abstract about it: Is rush hour less stressful? Is the garbage getting picked up? Does my neighborhood feel safer? Are resources used...

Living Smart: A Day In The Life Of A Smart City Resident

Beyond question, smart city technology and ubiquity via the Internet of Things (IoT) have become top-of-mind priorities—from the C-suite to IT, from innovation departments to finance operations.

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